About NoteShare Express Desktop Preview
About Preview
The Preview edition is beta-quality software. It is not feature complete but will be changing frequently as new updates become available. We have an extensive feature list planned that includes future support for voice memos, spell checker, outline formatting controls as well as new innovative query tools for more intelligent searching and retrieval of notebook content.

Please use our feedback page for reporting bugs, problems or submitting suggestions for improvements. Users should always back-up notebook documents and files to protect against any future problems with system or software.

We thank you for test-driving the Preview edition of NoteShare Express Desktop. Over the coming months, we'll be working on new features, enhancements and bug fixes to the shipping version. If you purchase the Preview before December 15, 2010, you will automatically receive a FREE upgrade to the final release version.

Preview Pricing
The Preview is available for $29.95 until December 15, 2010. The final shipping version will have a MSRP of $69.95 for consumers and an MSRP of $39.95 for qualified academic users. Volume pricing is available for enterprises and academic customers deploying on campus networks and servers; send inquiries to sales@aquaminds.com

Mac OS X Compatibility
If you're already a NoteTaker or NoteShare user and planning on using NoteShare Express Desktop on a Windows or Linux system then please review this overview list to understand the compatibility and current platform differences between platforms.
  • NoteShare Express Desktop will only read and convert NoteTaker/NoteShare .ntx and .ntz files from Mac OS X to its native format .nsx document. The new .nsx file format will eventually be supported cross-platform. NoteTaker and NoteShare on Mac OS X do not currently import or convert .nsx files from Windows and Linux versions.

  • NoteShare Server supports universal access by all NoteTaker and NoteShare clients. Shared notebooks hosted by NoteShare Server can be downloaded by any of the AquaMinds platform clients including NoteTaker, NoteShare and now NoteShare Express Desktop.

Contact Us
If you have additional questions about our software or need more information, email our team at support@aquaminds.com.
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