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The AquaMinds Interview - Daniel Goldman
Tell us about what kind of machine you're running OS X on and what you think of Jaguar (10.2)?

I'm running OS X on a G3 and it actually runs well. I think with Jaguar Apple has put out an OS X to be proud of. I'm especially glad to see that Apple has been listening to, and incorporating feedback from, users and developers into the releases of OS X. Apple is reasserting its leadership in crafting a user experience that "just works", and has taken a great step forward with Jaguar.

How would you describe your professional work and focus? Why or how is your Mac important to your work and projects?

As a CTO for a software company, it is critical that I stay current on many different aspects of technology and business. I also need to be able to capture and track project data across multiple product lines. Organizing that volume of information and turning it into a powerful knowledge resource is exactly what NoteTaker can do.

What kinds of software applications do you use in your work?

I use the usual Internet/Web applications, as well as standard productivity software including Microsoft Project and the full set of applications in the Microsoft Office suite.

Are you using NoteTaker now? How exactly are you using NoteTaker?

Right now, NoteTaker is a repository targeted at two uses: specific project information as well as relevant industry information I clip. In addition, I use it to prepare briefings. NoteTaker is great at pulling together data into a format that works well for presentations.

What NoteTaker features matter most to you? Why?

The core outlining is key, along with the ability to drag in just about any file anywhere. Clipping from any application right to a page in NoteTaker has accelerated my ability to process all the information sources I work with. Finally, the ability to display a file as a slideshow or as HTML allows me to tailor presentation formats to the audience as needed.

Do you use NoteTaker with other applications? How?

So far I've been clipping items into NoteTaker from a variety of applications and it's worked very well.

How do you describe NoteTaker to other users?

I describe it as the best tool on the market to manage information. It's the tool that every knowledge worker has been waiting for.

Before NoteTaker, what OS X tools did you try or use to meet your needs?

Unfortunately, there weren't many to use. Using outlines in Microsoft Word was one approach which was less than satisfactory. The basic standalone outliners just did not offer enough features to make them worth putting all my data into.

What is the learning curve for using NoteTaker?

It's very fast. The outlining is implemented beautifully, so it is very natural to use. And the application as a whole behaves nicely from an OS X application point of view, taking full advantage of the latest OS X capabilities.

Are there other applications you intend to use NoteTaker for in the future?

I'm going to explore using NoteTaker to manage contacts and organize people-related information.

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Daniel Goldman is currently Chief Technology Officer at Adir Technologies. Since joining Adir, Goldman has driven the definition and crafting of Adir's Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, enhancing the core VoIP offering and integrating with best-of-breed technology partners. As an experienced information architect, Goldman has also held positions including CTO at iVillage and CIO of Perot Systems.
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