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How do you add a site visitor or page visit counter to a web notebook?

Although the Web Notebook option doesn't allow for direct customization (use NTML to XHTML for web page customization), you can support the functionality through a web-based service.

1) Register for a free page counter account at http://www.statcounter.com/ . When you are selecting your counter configuration, choose the "HTML Only" option that does not require any JavaScript. This is key for Web Notebook compatibility.

2) Get the page tracking code for your account

3) In your original notebook, create a new entry on the page you wish to track and assign the "Web Page" category to the entry. This could be a welcome page for example.

4) Set up the entry as a web page (manually add the HTML, HEAD and BODY tags) and then paste the counter code into the entry.

5) Double-click on the @ Web Page category icon to view the entry as a web page.

6) Now run the Create Web Notebook command again to export your site. When users visit the page, the counter should be incremented each time they open it.

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