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How do I embed a Web Notebook as an IFRAME on a web site?

If you want to include a Web Notebook within another web page, here's how to do it:

1) Make sure that you are using either NoteShare 1.7.2 or NoteTaker 2.2.0 or later versions.

2) Update or rebuild your Web Notebook and put it on a publicly available web server. Check the URL to make sure that it is being served correctly.

3) On your new web page, add the following HTML at the point on the page where you would like the Web Notebook to appear:

<iframe src="http://[domain]/[path to Web Notebook]/index-iframe.html"></iframe>

The important part is to make sure that the last element of the path reads "index-iframe.html" in order to ensure that the iframe compatible version of the Web Notebook is used.

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