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How do I upload a Web Notebook to MobileMe's web.me.com service?

MobileMe users can add custom generated content using the instructions available at:


To serve your Web Notebooks from http://web.me.com/[username]/

1) Save your Web Notebook to a folder on your local hard drive.

2) Mount your iDisk or log into the Mobile Me web site iDisk.

3) Drag the Web Notebook to the mounted iDisk "Web -> Sites" directory, or upload the folder to "iDisk -> Web -> Sites" from the MobileMe iDisk web site.

Both NoteTaker and NoteShare include changes to allow MoblleMe hosted Web Notebooks to update automatically using automatic iDisk sync. To enable automatic updates:

1) Enable automatic iDisk sync in the "System Preferences -> MobileMe -> iDisk" panel.

2) Make sure that your MobileMe iDisk is mounted.

3) In the "Preferences -> Web" panel, set the Document Root value to "/Volumes/iDisk/Web/Sites" and set the Public Address value to "http://web.me.com/[MobileMe user name]/".

4) Open the notebook and enable Web Notebook creation for the notebook.

Every time you save the notebook, the update will be synced to the MobileMe web server in the background. Update time is dependent on available upload speed and amount of data (notebook text and attachments) being uploaded.

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