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Java applets no longer work on 2.5.9, is there a workaround?

Please a note that due to Apple's decision to withdraw direct support for Java integration back in 2010, the integrated applet plugins will not be available in NoteTaker 2.6.0 or later. Native drawing tools will appear in a future version, and users of the Table and Table2 plugins should convert to the use of text tables (menu item Format->Text->Table...)

EOL for Java support in our products. AquaMinds is no longer supporting updated JVM releases from Oracle or Apple to support applets. Apple's Mac App Store does not allow Java or Flash so we have stopped including it in our products to meet Apple's OS X compatibility, security and performance requirements.

NOTE: NoteTaker 2.5 is the last major version that will be available for OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Future updates of NoteTaker starting with v2.6.0 will be for OS X 10.6.6. (Snow Leopard) or later only, and available from the Mac App Store at a new reduced price. NoteTaker 2.5.9 will be updated only if serious issues with current functionality are discovered that have no workaround, but will remain available for Leopard users.

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