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How do I get NoteTaker to behave like a traditional notepad?

If you select an entry and type the ESC key, it turns it into what we call "multi-line mode". In this mode, the Return key has its normal function of creating a new line within the same entry, and the entry then behaves like an embedded TextEdit document. Repeatedly typing ESC will toggle between "single-line" and "multi-line" mode. "Single-line" mode just shows the first line of the entry's text. You can tell which mode you are in by looking to see if the vertical line just to the right of the entry's control icon is dashed (multi-line) or not (single-line), when the entry is selected. You can also select "Multi-Line Entries" under the "View" menu to see which entries are in multi-line mode.

In Preferences, you can opt to have all new entries default to multi-line mode if you wish.

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