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How do I put my Web Notebook on a server?

If you have a .MAC account, the easiest way to make your Web Notebook public is to save it to your .MAC account's "Sites" folder. Once there, you can access the files at http://homepage.mac.com/[user name]/[file package]/index.html . For instance, if my .MAC user name is 'john' and my Web Notebook file package name is 'package.ntweb', the URL would be http://homepage.mac.com/john/package.ntweb/index.html .

If you want to put your Web Notebook on a different server, you can use the command line scp command to upload it to your remote account. This method is for users with web or UNIX shell accounts on university servers. Here are the steps:

1) Open your Terminal application

2) If the web notebook package 'package.ntweb' is in Home -> Documents -> NoteTaker, type:

scp -r Documents/NoteTaker/package.ntweb [remote username]@[remote server name]:[remote path]/.

For example, if my remote username is john, my server is students.podunk.edu, and my public web document root is ~/public_html, the upload command will be:

scp -r ~/Documents/NoteTaker/package.ntweb john@students.podunk.edu:public_html/.

You will be asked for your remote password unless you have set up a passwordless login. See http://people.enginesofcreation.ie/mick/archives/000230.html for fairly straightforward instructions to set up passwordless ssh and scp.

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