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The license manager is rejecting my serial number and key. What should I do?

First of all, make sure that you are installing your license with the appropriate installation disk image. If you have a Trial license, download the Trial disk image from http://www.aquaminds.com/downloadRedirect.jsp?file=Install_NoteTaker_Trial.dmg.zip. If you have purchased a full or academic license, download the full installer from our Updates page.

If you purchased a downloadable copy from our web store and received your license via email, go back to the license email and directly copy (cmd-c) each field of your license information from the license email and then paste (cmd-v) it into the corresponding field of the licenser panel. Make sure not to include any leading or trailing spaces or new line characters.

If you purchased a boxed CD copy and are having trouble installing your license, copy the serial number and license key as you read it and send them in an email to support@aquaminds.com. We will verify the license and send you the validated key.

If this fails to work, try the following steps:

1) Launch the Activity Monitor utility (Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor)

2) Search for instances of the NoteTakerDaemon process

3) Kill off any instances of the NoteTakerDaemon process that are running

4) Launch NoteTaker and install your license key using the steps listed above.

If NoteTaker still fails to launch, try fully re-installing your license using the instructions at: http://www.aquaminds.com/displayFAQ.jsp?id=92

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