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NoteShare Server Frequently Asked Questions
Product questions:

How many users does NoteShare Server support?
NoteShare Server is designed to support at least 36 simultaneous NoteShare viewers working on the same notebook.

What is the minimum hardware and software requirement for running NoteShare Server?
NoteShare Server and its related components can run on any Mac computer running OS X 10.5.x or higher. In particular, the the Mac Mini is ideally suited for hosting 24x7 "always on" notebook sharing (but any other Mac hardware will work, as well).

Remote viewers require Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and NoteShare version 1.6.x or higher or NoteTaker v2.3.0 or higher. Or, they can use a Web browser on any computer for running the NoteShare Express viewer.

For details, see System Requirements and Recommendations.

How many notebooks can NoteShare Server manage?
NoteShare Server can support at least 36 simultaneous NoteShare users accessing and working on the same shared notebook, and is thus ideally suited for classrooms and small offices.

What security and privacy mechanisms are used to protect shared notebooks?
Notebooks are protected by using private spaces or sharing passwords or both. A shared notebook cannot be accessed remotely via the Internet without a private space or a sharing password. The use of either a private space or a sharing password also enables encryption of all communications and content between the server and the viewer of the notebook.

Do I need OS X Server or an XServe system to run NoteShare Server?
No special server configuration is required. NoteShare Server is an application designed to run on a minimal system such as a Mac Mini running Tiger. NoteShare Server runs fine with Leopard as well.

Can I run NoteShare Server on an OS X Server system?
Yes but not as a headless "server" task. NoteShare Server behaves like any other user launched application and requires that you log-in first to initially launch it. Once launched, it can be run non-stop.

What version of Java do I need to use the NoteShare Administrator Web applet?
Java 1.5 (or later) run-time environment for OS X (available from Apple and Sun)

Does NoteShare Server work with NoteShare Express?
Yes, remote viewers using the NoteShare Express viewer can view notebooks being shared from your Server, the same as notebooks being shared from regular copies of NoteShare. In fact, the NoteShare Express software required for serving Express viewers is included in the NoteShare Server installation package and automatically installed along with Server's other components.

Can I host and serve Web notebooks from a NoteShare Server system at the same time?
Yes. In fact, you can set a new feature in web notebooks to update themselves automatically upon any save event to the source notebook. For example, a teacher or classroom might have a daily shared homework notebook that is also accessible as a web notebook for parents and staff who are not using NoteShare.

Where do I get technical support and help?
AquaMinds provides technical support at no additional cost via e-mail, using our online support form at http://www.aquaminds.com/feedback.jsp. You can also consult the online NoteShare FAQ at http://www.aquaminds.com/nsSupport.jsp. For details on submitting support requests as well as other resources for finding answers your questions, see Support, Feedback, and Bug Reporting.

How do I file a bug report about NoteShare Server?
Use our online feedback form, at http://www.aquaminds.com/feedback.jsp. Or, go to the Help menu and select the Send Feedback about NoteShare command which will then open your default web browser to the correct URL on the AquaMinds Support page.

Can I run NoteShare Server at home as a personal server for my own use?
Yes. NoteShare Server is a very cost-effective personal "server" for sharing and accessing notebooks even among just family members or individually. By using NoteShare Server, notebooks can be conveniently accessed within a home network or even from outside via the Internet.
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