NoteShare Server Pro
Who is it designed for?
NoteShare Server Pro is designed to serve a range of organizations and users including students on campuses, workgroups in offices and researchers in labs. NoteShare Server Pro makes it easy to deliver the power and productivity of shared notebook access for individuals as well as teams. It's the fastest, most convenient way to give every one a powerful note-taking tool and personal information management tool that's always on. It delivers personal productivity as well as project team management and organization.
What does it cost?
Server configurations start as low as $99 and $199 for academic and business users respectively (10 user license). Pricing schedule can be found on this web page. Client software licenses are purchased separately or can be bundled into a custom quote or purchase order. Specific sales information requests and questions should be sent to
What does it run on?
NoteShare Server Pro runs on Mac, Windows and LInux systems. Requires the latest Java VM (
What client software or desktop application is it compatible with?
NoteShare Server Pro hosts and manages notebook documents that can be accessed, viewed and edited by all of AquaMinds desktop client products which include NoteTaker, NoteShare, NoteShare Server and NoteShare Express - Desktop Edition.
What platforms can I install and run it on?
Mac, Windows and Linux.
Is technical support available for installation or configuration?
Yes. Hourly consulting and direct technical support via phone and live screen sharing is available during installation/configuration. Send your request to for more information about pricing.
Can I run it from a cloud platform or virtual machine image?
NoteShare Server Pro can be run on a cloud platform or from a virtual machine. Contact us if you're interested in running NoteShare Server Pro on Amazon's AWS platform.
Does it support live editing or concurrent users working at the same time?
Yes, NoteShare Server Pro supports concurrent user editing. The collaboration model is designed around a notebook page per author model with multiple viewers. Multiple notebook authors can be editing and working on the same notebook at the same time but not on the same notebook page at the same time. Pen control is passed around manually or can be set for auto-edit detection for automatic pen control when editors are waiting for the same notebook page at the same time.
Can I organize the server around classrooms or grade levels?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro is designed to allow for distributing and provisioning access to the server via services. Each "service" is its own privileged server access with administrative controls to add spaces and notebooks. Services provides an easy way for non-admin users to control and customize their notebook sharing and management via the server. Notebooks can be uploaded to Services to be managed and shared.
Can I organize the server around project teams?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro is ideally suited for supporting teams within companies and organizations to manage their own spaces and notebooks with complete security and separation. For enterprises that want or need to integrate notebook services within an existing platform, there is an administrator API and documentation for custom, single log-in and authentication management. Contact or for more information about customization and APIs.
Can I organize the server around different research labs on my campus?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro is designed to support multiple project teams, groups and research labs. The "Services" architecture provides an elegant yet simple way to provision server access to teams or groups via named "Services". Each lab can be given its own "service" which enables secure and private access to using the server including management of spaces and notebooks for the lab members.
What is the security model?
NoteShare Server Pro uses a password-based access system. Communications and messaging between the server and client connections are encrypted (128-bit AES).
Can the server be managed remotely?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro is supported by a highly interactive remote Administrator application which can also be run as a Java applet in any web browser.
Where do I find the documentation?
NoteShare Server Pro documentation can be browsed online. Documentation includes Administrator Guide and NoteShare Server Pro User Guide. Both documents are technical references for IT and Admin staff who are installing and configuring the server software.
Can I test-drive the server software first?
Yes. Go to our download site here.
Who do I contact for more information?
Send questions and requests to or Also, check out the company community forum at this link.
Can I convert my Mac NoteShare Server site to NoteShare Server Pro? How?
Yes. Migration is a manual process and is documented in the NoteShare Server Pro User Guide (page 32).
Does the server support RSS feeds for notification or updates?
Yes. NoteTaker and NoteShare users can use the Become Owner option to enable the RSS feed feature for a specific notebook as well for a notebook section or notebook page.
Does the server auto-restart on a crash or power failure and start-up?
Yes. The person installing and configuring NoteShare Server Pro can set the service up to re-start automatically.
What version of Java is required to run it?
Java 6 or higher. The latest Java software per platform can be downloaded for free from
Is there an API? What does it enable or allow for customization?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro has an API for integrating and customizing various administrative features for provisioning services, spaces and notebooks. IT departments and developers can request more information about the API toolkit from or from NoteShare Server Pro can be accessed from embedded widgets and plug-ins for seamless integration with existing platforms such as Blackboard, Moodle as well as enterprise solutions.
Is there an upgrade for NoteShare Server users?
How do I back-up user notebooks and data?
NoteShare Server Pro notebooks are stored as database files. The files and directories can be backed-up using standard server routines.
Can I access shared notebooks from a web browser?
Yes. NoteShare Server Pro comes with built-in support for accessing shared notebooks using the NoteShare Express plug-in (Java applet). Every NoteShare Server Pro comes bundled with a limited number of free Express plug-in connections. Additional Express licenses may be purchased from AquaMinds online store.
What about support for new types of mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets or iPads?
NoteShare Server Pro will be updated later in 2011 to support a number of new mobile client apps from AquaMinds. NoteShare Server for OS X is compatible with NoteShare Mobile Viewer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch systems.
What local language versions are supported?
NoteShare Server Pro comes with "out of the box" support for English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.
Is there an OEM license available for developers and companies that want to private-label or integrate with their own products and services?
Yes. Contact for more information about OEM licensing options.
How do I integrate NoteShare Server Pro services into an existing platform or service like Blackboard or a social network system?
NoteShare Server Pro notebooks can be accessed and viewed using the NoteShare Express plug-in (Java applet).
Can shared notebooks be accessed as widgets or applets?
Yes. The NoteShare Express plug-in comes bundled with a limited license for instant access from a web browser. NoteShare Server Pro notebooks can be accessed using a widget or Java applet tag within an existing web-based platform or service like a learning management system or an enterprise social networking system (Cisco QUAD).
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System Requirements
  • Java VM 1.6 or higher (
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000 server
  • Mac OS X Server 10.6.x or higher
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Debian, RHEL, Mandriva)
NOTE: Client software purchased separately. Volume pricing available for both academic and commercial users.

Language Support:
English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

On-Premise Server Solutions
  • Server configurations starting at $99.00 (supports 10 users)
  • Academic discounts available
  • Purchase a solution bundle or mix and match client licenses separately

Key Product Features
  • Headless, non-stop server design
  • Cross-platform support (installs and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux servers)
  • Secure, password-protected managed hosting and access
  • Dynamic provisioning and organization of sharing services and user access
  • Compatible with AquaMinds suite of client software for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Web browser-ready access via NoteShare Express plug-in (Java required)
  • Daily server log reporting via email
  • Auto-restart and launch support
  • Supports English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

What's included?
  • Installer (license)
  • Server application
  • Bundled NoteShare Express applet - 10 free viewers, 2 concurrent editors
  • Admin applet
  • Admin documentation
  • 1-year of free updates
  • Free support via email

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